Tree Climbing and Free, Green Festivities in St. Louis Park

Arbor Day in St. Louis Park

With spring approaching, it's time to head outside. Make plans to attend events in St. Louis Park¬†this spring and enjoy the sunshine, like Arbor Day in St. Louis Park. Don't miss the Arbor Day festivities on Saturday, May 17, from 9 a.m. until noon. A ceremonial tree will be planted to honor this special day, and there will be live music by Kid Power … [Read more...]

Register Now for Summer Athletics in St. Louis Park

Register Now for Summer Athletics in St. Louis Park

Summer is a time for getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and you can get plenty of outdoor recreation if you join one of the summer leagues for adult athletics in St. Louis Park. Don't sit at home at your St. Louis Park apartment and let the summer pass you by. Grab a group of friends, and register for the Parks and Recreation … [Read more...]

Try Indi Frites at Hot Indian Foods Truck in Minneapolis

Hot Indain Foods

What makes the Indi Frites at Hot Indian Foods taste so scrumptious? Could it be the light batter that coats them before they enter the hot oil? Perhaps it is the delicious blend of spices biting your tongue when you eat them. Maybe it is the curry-mayo sauce you get for dipping. However they do it, this luscious partnership of sweet and white … [Read more...]

Volunteer for St. Louis Park’s Creek Cleanup This May

Minnehaha Creek Cleanup

Spring is finally here; the birds have started to arrive, the foliage is beginning to turn green and the flowers are blossoming in the fields. All along the Minnehaha Creek, life is starting to kick into high gear, and now would be a great time for you to head on out and give Mother Nature a helping hand. While there are many volunteer … [Read more...]

Decorate and Line Your Apartment’s Deluxe Cabinets


Our¬†luxury pet-friendly apartments near Minneapolis with deluxe cabinets, full appliance packages, and plenty of space to move around in the kitchen are the perfect place to call home for budding chefs and culinary masters. One way you can both protect and enhance your deluxe cabinets is by decorating or lining them with attractive … [Read more...]